Beitrag von IDEAS bei der QUIS13

Mit dem Titel „How to Change Businesses in the Age of Service Science” war IDEAS bei der QUIS13 vertreten. Der Fokus dieses Papers liegt in der integrierten Betrachtung der Dienstleistungs- und Geschäftsmodellentwicklung. Die Adaptierung bestehender oder die Entwicklung neuer (IT-basierter) Dienstleistungen bringt zumeist eine Änderung des Geschäftsmodells hervor oder ist der Initiator für die Entwicklung eines neuen (zusätzlichen) Geschäftsmodells. Umgekehrt gilt, dass die Änderung des aktuellen oder die Entwicklung eines neuen Geschäftsmodells für die entsprechende Vermarktung neue (IT-basierte) Dienstleistungen benötigt. Für diese Herausforderung wurde im Zuge der QUIS13 ein integriertes Dienstleistungs- und Geschäftsmodellentwicklungsframework präsentiert.

Kurzzusammenfassung zur QUIS13:

On June 10-13th about 200 researchers and practitioners from over 30 countries met at Karlstad University for QUIS13, The 13th International Research Symposium on Service Excellence in Management. During the three day symposium new research findings were presented and future research questions were discussed.

One of the keynote speakers was Gary Bridge, Cisco Systems, USA. His presentation focused on how today’s society and services are, and how things are moving forward with technology. Today, for example, a surgery can be done with the help of a robot. Through a small computer chip patients with schizophrenia can be treated and medicated. An important lesson from this is that today’s technology promote productivity and require new business models since there are completely different benefits provided.

James R. Weigand, President at DuPont Sustainable Solutions, USA was also one of the keynote speakers. During his presentation he spoke about the company’s journey from a product focus to a service focus. This shift in focus is something that many businesses are struggling with today in order to survive.

The conference concluded with a panel discussion on the topic how the little details play a major role and make a difference. An example of the little things that matter are, how to increase the quality of life by allowing residents in retirement homes decide what type of coffee they prefer, and how and when to take a bath. Another example is how by having a close contact with the customers the company could improve the service, speed up procedures within the company and with the ustomer. Members of the panel were Ruth Bolton, Arizona State University, USA, Manfred Dasselaar, Ericsson, Sweden, Anders Gustafsson, CTF and Janet McColl-Kennedy, University of Queensland, Australia.

During the conference, participants could choose between the 44 different conference presentations. Many of these focused on the development of service in health care, business models and different service systems.

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